Almighty Allah's Words Addressed to Jesus (1)

Almighty Allah's Words Addressed to Jesus (1)

76. Imam Ja'far Sadiq ('a) said: Among things with which God, the Blessed and Exalted, exhorted Jesus ('a) was: 'O Jesus! I am your Lord, and the Lord of your fathers. My Name is the One (al-Wahid), and I am one (Ahad) and single (Mutafarrid) in creating all things. All things are My handiwork, and all My creations shall return to Me.(1)

77. It is reported that Abu 'Abd Allah [Imam Sadiq] ('a) said: Jesus the son of Mary ('a) ascended [to heaven] clad in garments of wool spun by Mary, woven by Mary, and sewn by Mary. When he was brought up to heaven it was called: 'O Jesus! Cast off from yourself the finery of the world.(2)

78. God confided to Jesus the son of Mary ('a): O Jesus! Cut yourself off from fatal desires and part with every desire that keeps you away from Me, and know that you are near me at the station of a trusted Apostle (rasul), so beware of Me.(3)

79. It is reported that one day Jesus, Peace be upon him, came upon severe rain and thunder, so he sought a place of shelter. He saw a tent at a distance, and came to it. There he saw a woman in it, so he turned away from it. Suddenly, he saw a cave in a mountain, and when he arrived there he saw a lion in it. So he rested his hand against the cave, and said: My God! Everything has a shelter, but You put no shelter for me. Then God, the Supreme, revealed to him: Your shelter is in the abode of My Mercy. By My Greatness, on the Resurrection Day, verily, I will marry you to a hundred houris created by My hands, and verily for your wedding I will lay out a feast for four thousand years, each day of which is like the lifetime of the entire world. And I will command a crier to cry out: Where are the ascetics of the world? Be present at the wedding of the ascetic Jesus the son of Mary!(4)

80. One of the Imams [Imam Sadiq or Imam Baqir] said: Verily, a man of the Children of Israel exerted himself for forty nights. Then he called God, but He did not answer him. Then he came to Jesus complaining to him and asking him to pray. So Jesus purified himself and prayed to God, the Supreme. Then God revealed to him: 'O Jesus! Verily, he came to me by a door other than that by which one should come. Verily, he called Me while there was doubt about you in his heart. So had he called Me until his neck broke or his fingers had fallen off, I would not have answered him.(5)

81. God said to Jesus: O Jesus! Verily I have granted unto you the poor and made you merciful towards them. You love them and they love you. They are pleased with you as a leader and guide, and you are pleased with them as companions and followers. These are two of My qualities. Whoever meets Me with these [qualities] meets Me with the purest of deeds which are dearest to Me. (6)

82. God revealed to Jesus ('a): Be to the people like the ground below in meekness, like the flowing water in generosity, and like the sun and the moon in mercy, which shine on the good and the sinner alike.(7)

83. God revealed to Jesus: Say to the Children of Israel: 'Do not enter any of My houses without lowered eyes and clean hands. And inform them that, verily, I will not answer the prayer of any of them while any of My creation is oppressed by them.(8)

84. God the Supreme revealed to Jesus: O Jesus! I have honored nothing in creation like My religion, and I have bestowed nothing on it like My mercy. Wash your exterior by water and cure your interior by good deeds, for verily you shall return to Me. Get ready, for that which is approaching, and let me hear from you the sounds of sorrow.

Of Knowledge and us Seekers

85. Verily God the Supreme said to Jesus: Honor those who possess knowledge and know of their excellence, for verily their excellence over that of all My creation - except for the prophets and messengers - is like that of the sun over the stars, and like that of the Hereafter over this world, and like My excellence over all things.(9)

86. Verily God revealed to Jesus: Indeed, you must be receptive to exhortation! Or you will be ashamed before Me to exhort the people.

87. God the Supreme said in the seventeenth chapter of the Gospel: Woe unto those who have heard the knowledge but have not sought it. How they will be gathered with the ignorant into the fire! And learn the knowledge and teach it, for even if knowledge does not bring you felicity, it will not bring you wretchedness, and even if it does not raise you, it will not lower you, and even if it does not enrich you, it will not Impoverish you, and even if it does not benefit you, it will not harm you.

And do not say, 'We fear lest we should know but not act', but say, 'We hope to know and to act.' And knowledge intercedes on behalf of one who has it, and it is for God not to disgrace him. Indeed, on the Resurrection day God will say: 'O assembly of the learned ('u1ama')! What is your opinion of our Lord?' Then they will say: 'It is our opinion that He will have mercy upon us and forgive us.' Then the Almighty will say: 'Indeed, I have done so. Indeed, I have entrusted you with My wisdom not because I wanted evil for you, but because I wanted good for you. So enter among My good servants into My garden (paradise) by My mercy.(10)

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