Almighty Allah's Words Addressed to Jesus (2)

Almighty Allah's Words Addressed to Jesus (2)

The Remembrance of God

88. Imam Rida, Peace be upon him, said: Engraved on the ring of Jesus, Peace be upon him, were two sentences from the Gospel: 'Blessed is the servant who remembers God for His sake, and woe unto the servant who forgets God for his own sake.(1)

89. God, the Great and Almighty, said to Jesus ('a): O Jesus! Remember Me within yourself and I will remember you within Myself, and remember Me publicly and I will remember you publicly in a public better than that of men. O Jesus! Soften your heart for Me and remember Me much in solitude, and know that My pleasure is in your fawning over Me, in an animated and not in an impassive manner.(2)

Humility and the Etiquette of Prayer

90. Among things that were revealed by God to Jesus is: Do not call upon Me except by praying humbly to Me and with all your heart. Then verily when you call upon Me thus I will answer you. (3)

91. God revealed to Jesus ('a): O Jesus! Give Me the tears of your eyes, and the humility of your heart, and stand beside the tombs of the dead, and call to them aloud that you may be advised by them, and say: 'I will join you with those who join you.(4)

92. God the Supreme revealed to Jesus: When I give you a blessing, receive it with humility, [and] I will complete it for you.(5)

93. [Imam] Ja'far reported that his father ('a) said: Najashi the king of Habashah [Ethiopia] sent for Ja'far the son of Abu Talib and his companions. When they arrived before him, he was sitting in the dust in his house with worn garments.... Ja'far ibn Abu Talib said to him: 'O pious king! What is the matter, that I see you sitting in dust in worn garments?' He said: 'O Ja'far! We find in that which was revealed to Jesus ('a): Verily, it is God's due from His servants that they show humility when they are shown favor.

So, when God showed His favor by His prophet, Muhammad (s), I showed this humility to God.' He [Imam Ja'far] said: When that news reached the prophet (s), he said to his companions: 'Verily, giving alms brings abundance, so give alms and God will have mercy on you, and humility elevates one's station, so be humble and God will elevate you, and forgiveness increases dignity, so forgive and God will grant you dignity.(6)

An Advice to Rulers

94. A Christian primate (Jathiliq) visited Mus'ab ibn Zubayr [who was a governor during his brother's caliphate] and spoke words that angered him. He [Mus'ab] raised a cane against him, then left him until his anger subsided. He [the primate] said: If the emir permits me, I would tell him something revealed by God to Christ ('a).

He (Mus'ab) turned to him, and he (the primate) said: Verily, God revealed to Christ, 'It is not fitting for a sultan to become angry, for he commands and is obeyed, and it is not fitting for him to be hasty, for nothing eludes him, and it is not fitting for him to be unjust, for injustice is repulsed by him.' Then Mus'ab became embarrassed and was pleased with him.(7)

On Lying and Hypocrisy

95 It is reported from the Gospel: Beware of liars who come to you in sheep's clothing while in reality they are ravenous wolves. You shall know them by their fruits. It is not possible for a good tree to bear vicious fruit, nor for a vicious tree to bear good fruit. (8)

96. God said to Jesus, Peace be upon him: 'O Jesus! Yours must be a single tongue in secret and in public, and likewise your heart. Verily, I warn you of yourself, and I suffice as the All-aware. It is not proper that there be two tongues in a single mouth, nor two swords in a single scabbard, nor two hearts in a single breast, and likewise two minds.(9)



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