Islamic Clemency and Mercy in the Practices of the Prophet (PBUH&HP)

The practical manner, social behavior, and associations of religious authorities and Islamic leaders and Imams are full of mercy, clemency and benevolence with their followers and with adversaries. Here are two examples:

Prophet’s (S) Clemency after Conquest of Mecca

The attitude of Prophet Muhammad (S) after the conquest of Mecca is a sample of this practical manner. We narrate in brief his attitude and then compare it with that of Western civilization with their enemies after World War II.

Prophet Muhammad (S) was annoyed in Mecca thirteen years before his Hijra (immigration) to Medina because Mecca reminded him of the numerous pains, tragedies, a baseness, troubles and afflictions as his most obstinate enemies were in Mecca. However, when the Islam conquered Mecca, and Prophet (S) overcame those obstinate and stubborn enemies who caused all those calamities and problems, he pardoned all and extended Islamic mercy and absolution to all addressing them:

اذهبوا انتم الطلقاء

“You are free to go wherever you will!”(1)

Even when he was informed that one of the Islam soldiers with a flag of Islam in his hand is chanting for revenge, he was provoked, and took the flag from the soldier, and chanted for peace and amity instead of revenge:

الیوم یوم الرحمة

“Today is the day of clemency and benevolence!”(2)

On the other hand, when the allies’ soldiers entered capital of Germany (Berlin), they massacred the inhabitants, and committed numerous crimes. For instance, they threw up an infant and fired him before falling into the ground. Now, a generation from the same heartless felons commits a new crime every day. A pen is ashamed to write these crimes and sometimes man could not tolerate to see or hear them. Are we the people of violence or these uncivilized wrongly claiming for civilization?

Imam Ali (as) and Recommendations for his Slayer

Another sample is the attitude of Hazrat ‘Ali (as) with his killer, Abdur-Rahman Ibn Muljam Moradi. Following the religious instructions, he was so kind and merciful that even his enemy who attempted to kill him was not deprived and excluded from his mercy. Recommendations by the kind Imam for his killer start from arresting him and continue till Imam’s death:

“My children! My slayer is just Ibn Muljam. Beware! Do not let the self-seekers and opportunists to unsheathe their swords and kill the innocent people with the excuse of cooperation with ‘Ali’s slayer for their own personal interests! My dears! Give my slayer the same food you prepare for me!(3) My darlings! If I survive, I know what to do with him. If I die, you are authorized to retaliate, but as he struck me once with sword, you shall not exceed more than one!(4) O Children of Prophet! Do not mutilate him after death!”

These are ‘Ali’s (as) recommendations about his slayer when he was dying. Do you know any authority of any country throughout the world and during history to express such recommendations in favor of his slayer? Is Islam whose Prophet’s successor is so kind and merciful, the religion of violence?



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