Merits of Marriage

Marriage is the holy legal tie between man and woman through which they share the same life and reciprocate definite rights and obligations. God has passed the law of matrimony so as to keep humankind on this earth and keep the earth constructed and prosperous. Marry the single people among you and the righteous slaves and slave-girls. If you are poor, Allah will make you rich through His favor; He is Bountiful and All-knowing.(1) His creating spouses for you out of yourselves so that you might take comfort in them and His creating love and mercy among you re evidences (of the truth) for the people who (carefully) think.(2) The Prophet (s) said: The most favorable thing to Allah that is ever constructed in Islam is marriage. He who gets married wins the half of his religion. Hence, he should fear Allah in questions regarding the other half.

Marriage is my custom; therefore, he who rejects my custom is not belonged to me. Get married, for I will take pride in your great numbers on the Day of Resurrection. The immature fetus, even, will stop on the door of Paradise saying angrily, unless my parents will be with me, I refuse to be in Paradise. The two-rakaa prayer offered by the married is preferred to the night worship and the fasting of the bachelors.

The evilest dead are the bachelors. Imam Sadiq (a) said: A two-rakaa prayer offered by the married is preferred to a seventy-rakaa prayer offered by bachelors.

1. Advantages of Marriage

Because of the great variety of merits of marriage, many texts confirm persistently on it by way of awakening the desires and warning against its negligence. Marriage is the only means by which righteous progeny is gained. Through sons, fathers feel dignity, power, extent of existence, good reputation, and great rewarding of God.

2. Benefits of Marriage

Marriage achieves chastity and immunity against corruption. From this cause, the punishment of the married who commit fornication is stoning to death, because they are immunized by marriage and they despise the holiness of the honors and dignities.

3. Results of Marriage

Marriage secures easeful subsistence, tranquility, and freedom from worry. Naturally, man alone spends his day encountering the crises of life and striving for seeking earnings. He can find relief nowhere except in the shadows of his darling, sincere wife who, trying to ease his troubles, encompasses him with kind treatment and affectionate conduct. Referring to this fact, God says: His creating spouses for you out of yourselves so that you might take comfort in them and His creating love and mercy among you re evidences (of the truth) for the people who (carefully) think.(3)

The Prophet (s) said: Subsequent to the embracement of Islam, the best thing that a Muslim can profit is a Muslim wife who pleases him when he looks at her and has loyalty to him in honor and property.

Marital Happiness

Marital happiness is achieved when it is known how to choose the suitable partner. There are certain standards in the light of which spouses must be chosen. Such standards strengthen the marital ties and make peace of mind cover all the corners of the spouses lives. Bad choice, on the other hand, exposes marriage to failure and disappointment. Treating this important aspect that plays a great role in peoples life, the Ahl ul-Bayt (a) referred to the advantages and disadvantages of both men and women so that each will know how to choose a spouse.

The Ideal Husband

The ideal husband is the qualified man who achieves happiness to his wife and ensures tranquil marital life. Unlike the false idea of most of people, the qualifications of a spouse have nothing to do with material vanities, such as handsome house, comely means of transportation, or big fortune. The true qualifications are high certificate, respectful office, high morality, and the like matters. Material vanities may be found with many spouses; still, they are unable to achieve marital happiness or achieve their wives pleasure and expectations. Listen to the following words uttered by the wife of Muawiya the Umayyad caliph who could no longer stand the life of luxury, lavish expenditure, and wealth in the laps of her husband, and longed for her loves young dream, though he cannot secure luxury, lavish expenditure, and wealth:

A house in which souls are roaming is favorable, in my sight, to a handsome palace. To have a single cloak with delight is favorable, in my sight, to wearing diaphanous clothes. A clumsy, but highborn, cousin of mine is favorable, in my sight, to a stern unbeliever. This prophetic tradition warns against marrying the beautiful women whose families are disreputable.

Observance of Rights

Spouses cannot obtain marital happiness before they apply the law of give and take to themselves through observing each other’s rights. Considering it as the first cell of society, the Islamic Sharia has paid a great deal of attention to the marital life through regulations and common rights of spouses and special rights of each. The common rights that each spouse should perform towards the other are honesty, confidence, trust, sympathy, and cooperation. These are the genuine supports of successful marital life.



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